How To Pep Up Your Workout Gear Like Malaika Arora

It's the fashionable workout motivation that you need

The ravishing Malaika Arora is a frequent sight at the gym. She takes her fitness journey very seriously and boy, does it show. How else do you think the Bollywood celebrity and mother-of-one looks so sensational in crop tops and bodycon dresses. On her regular workout trips, it isn't only exercise goals that Malaika gives us. Surprisingly, it's also workout wear goals.

Anyone who is a regular fitness enthusiast knows the difficulty of working out. Regardless of whether you absolutely love it or cannot stand it, motivation is tough to find. What can help a bit is stylish workout gear. A fun athletic touch can actually be a great motivator to get off the couch and go for a run. Malaika knows how to do it really well. Like her dinner party outfits or red carpet appearances, Malaika's workout wear is also stylish, while being functional. So if you're looking for a way to add pep to your exercise outfit, look no further.

First up, there are the printed bottoms. While tights are a favourite, Malaika also occasionally opts for shorts. What unites them is a snazzy print. It's also a simple way to up the style quotient in any athletic look.

Then there's the cutouts. Malaika is a big fan of cutout detailing when it comes to her tops. Whether with string sections or ripped ones, a peek of skin goes a long way for her exercise outfit.

How can we miss Malaika's love for accessories even when sweating it out. She loves a good pair of sunglasses, simple sandals, an eco-friendly bottle and pulled back hairdos to keep her outfit as functional as possible.

Finally comes Malaika's bright footwear. The celeb often opts for eye-catchingly vibrant sneakers that help her along when exercising and add pizzazz to her look.


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