Here’s Why Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar & Kapil Sharma Never Worked Together After The Mid-air Fight

Kapil Sharma is in news since a long time. His mid-air fight with Sunil Grover is known to all. Post the fight, Sunil quit The Kapil Sharma show. Kapil's health went downhill leading to him cancelling (TKSS) shoots and the show went off air. Kapil then bounced back and came up with a new show, Family Time With Kapil Sharma. Fans wanted to watch Kapil and Sunil together, but Sunil did not seem ready! In an interview to Pinkvilla, Preeti Simoes revealed as to whether she got in touch with Kapil post the fight, and why Sunil and Kapil never came together!

Did Preeti Talk To Kapil Post The Mid-air Fight? When asked whether Preeti Simoes tried to talk to Kapil when he was going through a bad phase, she was quoted by Pinkvilla as saying, "Yes, we did."

Why Kapil & Sunil Never Worked Together? She further revealed as to why Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma never worked together after mid-air fight. She told the entertainment portal, "We met a lot of times and the channel also initiated the conversations between us. The entire team was ready to come back to him (Kapil) including Sunil but he never got back to us."

Why Sunil Didn’t Re-join TKSS? She added, "Sunil was very clear that he wanted the same creative team which was working for The Kapil Sharma Show because he did not trust the team that was working with him after we left."

Sunil & Ali Work With The Same Team! "He and Ali (Asgar) bhai were very clear that if the same team comes only then the magic will happen. So, everyone was ready to come to him, he also met up with us before going to Bengaluru. We discussed all of this but then he disappeared."

Kapil’s GF Ginni Didn’t Want Him To Work With Preeti! She further added, "He (Kapil) then told us that it is family pressure and he cannot work with us. I understand that it is family pressure, maybe his current girlfriend (Ginni Chatrath) is not comfortable with him working with his ex but they don't have the maturity to understand that some people grow in life."

Preeti Adds "One year after a break-up, I won't be sitting and holding a candle waiting for him na? We could have worked in a professional space but she wasn't comfortable at all."


Kapil Wanted To Work With Preeti’s Team "She would keep telling him NO and this happened like 10 times. He used to tell us he wants to work with us, he had big dreams but he is not mentally stable. They have ruined him completely."

Preeti’s Team Will Never Work With Kapil! Now that Kapil has filed harassment case against his ex-managers, Preeti and Neeti (and a journalist), Preeti says that they will never work together, "After what has happened now, there will never be a collaboration between us."


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